Don’t Believe Everything You See


“In the darkest hours we must believe in ourselves.”
― Terry Goodkind, Faith of the Fallen

Let me say this, first: there is enough division already. I think we’ve come about as far as we can in divisions between ourselves and now we’re just splitting hairs at this point. We’ve been paying so much attention to all the things going on ‘out there.’ *SIGH* It’s all so tiring. Isn’t it?

But people. We’ re on the wings of change. Can you feel it? I do.

On the outer there is turmoil. It looks and feels like we’re in a madhouse, or riding a rollercoaster to hell. Just a little further, now,  and we will explode. It’s rough right through here. Something is building to a climax.

But what looks and feels like turmoil is really an apparition. An appearance. It’s only how it seems. Real, yes, in 3D reality. You can touch it, taste it, feel it.

Don’t be fooled by appearances.

If you’ve ever watched someone be hypnotized, maybe on a TV show, you see how dramatic it seems.  “You are getting sleepy…sleepy,” the hypnotist drones to the client. And then, as if by magic, the client is under. He is so relaxed that now he is vulnerable. The hypnotist can do anything to him, and we are shown how she/he can be made to do things, act foolishly. He clucks like a chicken, or she talks to her shoe, or any crazy thing. It’s all so amusing. And a little scary. But we would never do that. We would not let someone have control of our mind.  Never. Ever.

But that’s exactly what is going on in our ‘real world.’ And that is exactly what we have done, and are doing. We have been entrained by the constant bad news rolling 24 hours a day on TVs, cell phones, tablets, or any other take-away equipment that will let us stay plugged, and in-the-know. The repetitive stream of bad news assaulting our eyes and ears and hearts; the nagging us into compliance, to yielding our authority to representatives of any political party who have no real intention of serving our needs, paying only lip-service to our cries, while working to benefit only the needs of some sociopathic others; the stripping of our nature-born rights to be free, live free, in the name of some phony unity, is the tickticktick of the hypnotist’s pendulum.

And while we thought we would never be fooled, we fell for the okey-doke. “You be my representative in government. I believe you’ll do the right thing” we said, and they whispered, “Yes. Yes we will”. We gave them our children to educate in the hopes that they would have a chance to be successful in this world, and they said, “We will train them in the way they should go”.  We sublimated our own divine wisdom to the idea that a god “out there” would take care of us if we just followed his book, and did what he said. We agreed to that. “You’d best live this way” they encouraged, till we stopped caring for the greater community, and settled into compact units called “family”  with a husband-wife-children, and maybe a dog or two. Me and mine. Just us. And we agreed this was the way to go.

“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.”

~Audre Lorde

In every area, we yielded our real wisdom and understanding for the carrot of “better”, more civilized, progress, you-name-it. And it’s 2017. And where are we really? On the constant brink of war, lost in despair, struggling and struggling and struggling to survive, trying to keep families together, trapped in the rhythm of monotonous living, on automatic. Repeating daily. If only we do more, work harder, trytrytry again, we can make it. We think we can, we think we can. We can have all that has been promised, all that we have been raised to believe is possible. And in the doing, we are dying.

We have become so numb. But we don’t have to remain that way.

You know it’s not right the way things are. You have to start looking for another way.  But the way forward is first, the way in.  It is not on the outside of you. It is not in a book, in a teacher or guru. It is not a religion, or science, or political party . It is in a deep deep connection that you make when you go within yourself, and begin to still the chatter and busyness on the outside of you. Meditate. Walk in nature, sit by a river, hike a mountain, run a mile. Any of these kinds of things done mindfully, and with repetition, will get you going down the path of true freedom. So, that despite all the madness around you, you are in the eye of the storm. Still. From here you can hear. From here you are directed.

You just have to reconnect with deep inside your being, and take back your love, your self-knowledge, your sovereignty as a being-living-human on this planet. You are much more than your body. You are much more than this material reality.

It is in the really knowing at an intrinsic level, that you can begin to shift your perspective. It is from this place that you can begin living real and true. It is a mindset and a felt knowledge. It starts within. You shift and see rightly.

So, re-set.

Begin anew.






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