Your Salvation Lies in You

See more, know more.
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Suddenly, everything bores me. I scroll impatiently through my Facebook news feed and it occurs to me that reading posts on social networks has now replaced watching TV. In both cases, it is a big waste of time. Now I see why we are so disconnected from ourselves. We are immersed continually in technology.

Between this and keeping up with the demands of daily life, there is no time to remember, reconnect, renew our spirits. Worn out, body numb from long days toiling to survive, we stumble to our computers, smartphones, or TVs to wile away the evening hours in a relative peace until we get up the next day to do it all again.

What small lives we are living.

I think for the majority of us, we don’t get to notice or see this until we can step back from it and gain a wider view. If we’re in the midst of it, it is nearly impossible to see. Now I understand the words of my former Christian teaching (attributed to Jesus) encouraging us to be “in the world, not of the world”. I only had a faint idea of the meaning and truth in these words before. Now I know them more intimately. Now I understand them more deeply, and more truly.

We cannot change the current system of things. We cannot change what is already deep in process. The only way out of this mess is to rise above the so-called reality we are seeing. Yes, we are mental, physical, emotional beings, but we are much more than that. We are spiritual or extra-terrestrial beings having a bodily experience in the third dimension of time and space, which necessarily provides a limited perspective. We need to experience more of ourselves. And so long as we are embroiled in this earthly drama, it will be impossible to do so.

Somewhere within the stillness of our being, we must find our deep inner connection to the greater reality. We must somehow give our attention to that, and withdraw it from sense reality. To stay hooked by the sights and sounds of the 3rd dimension is to stay caught up and possibly swallowed, eventually, by this illusory so-called reality.

Now more than ever, we must re-connect with nature, with the earth. We must realize our connection to all life in a way we haven’t done in a long time, or in eons. We must stop seeing the world we live in as Reality. We must stop being hooked by news, sports, entertainment, and lies, stories from the latest divorces and hookups of this or that entertainer or athlete, of the machinations of the political figure du jour, of accepting and passing along the traditions of the teachings in our educational and religious institutions. We must rely on the reality within and stop believing our lying eyes.

“Follow the path that leads to understanding. Only then, will you illuminate the way for others. Once you open your mind and gain knowledge, truth, you’ll leave the darkness and enter into the light of wisdom.”
― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Sweet Destiny

So long as we are focused on this world, we cannot see the possibilities available to us and ahead of us. So long as we believe this is the only reality, that this is real, we cannot know that grandness of cosmic potentiality. As long as we wait for saviors (earthly, heavenly, or cosmic) to save us from ourselves, we will remain entrapped in this prison of consciousness, in a tiny tight space of possibility.

It is time to detach, to take conscious action to change the focus of our attention. It is time to let our inner eye recognize what the outer cannot picture. As I see it, that is our only hope individually, and collectively.

Remember the wisdom of your ancestors. Look to nature. Re-engage your whole being. Stop the clock on your automatic programming by this so-called reality. It is only going to take us deeper into illusion.  Somewhere you know this.  Somehow you feel the truth.

You are your own savior. You are your own redemption. What you do for yourself and in yourself will begin to affect your real world, and eventually, the collective.

Save yourself.


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