On the Wings of Change


All that you touch you change

All that you change changes you

The only lasting truth is change.

God is change.

Earthseed: The Books of the Living

         From Parable of the Talents, by Octavia Butler



We are in a dynamic period right through here. It is a busy busy moment of change. Energies are bustling. Movement is happening, and no one is sure what is going on. It is the tarot Tower card kind of change. The Yoruba goddess, Oya, kind of change. The goddess, Kali, kind of change. Transformation. Uprootedness. Unstoppable even if we wanted to…CHANGE.

Stepping back from the immediate scene in which we are living, you can get a larger view than the bird’s eye perspective we generally see and experience. If it is possible, if you can manage to do so, you will become aware that things are not at all as they appear.

There are so many things vying for our small attention on this earth-based plane, so many things seem required of us. There are the obligations of keeping order, in order to live in a home, community, city, state, nation,  an earth-base, on a planet. Just to be one of the (seen from a larger perspective) billions of almost-numberless beings engaged in a daily routine in an automatic mechanical fashion, we sputter, “Sorry…there is no time to stop and sit in the silence. We must keep moving. There is food to buy, rent to pay, necessities to gather, work to sustain us…can’t stop now. Don’t ask us to.” Swimming amongst the hoards of beings around us, we endeavor to understand the meaning of this entire struggle.

Automatic movements. Automatic living. Going with the flow of the life we presume to be the only one, or at least, the only one that matters. Heaven/Hell/ beyond this life, be damned. It’s here. It’s now. If we don’t keep up, we won’t make it, won’t fulfill our human goals, won’t fit into our cubbyhole in the home, community, city, nation, earth-base, or planet that we signed up for. And that would be wrong. Bad. A problem. It would make us failures.

But. If you can rise against the inertia of that automatic rhythm, that in-born impulse, well, then…

When you are able to stop, pause for a moment in the silence, you can notice things. You can be momentarily removed from your role and see more of the picture, like how involved we all are in the routine of daily living. You can notice how elaborate the set-up in which we perform life, how intricately managed we are and are encouraged to remain; you notice then how compliant we are. When you find a brief moment in that silent place of revelation, you will realize that you have had no time to think, no time to question…that you are living habitually, moving like soldiers in lock step…moving mindlessly toward enticements that will not live up to their promise.

"All the world’s a stage."  

~William Shakespeare, As You Like It

If somehow you manage to disconnect, for even a brief moment, you will notice there is something else. It is in the motionlessness. Funny, cause that’s the first place we tend to avoid because if we stop, we may lose our place in the movement that suggests life and living. If we stop we may go crazy. If we stop we may realize we are alone. And therein lies a fear. We will see that we are all that exists in this moment. We have only concocted this show we are living from our imagination. We are here…alone on stage.

Everything we think is part of our reality…is only props and players we placed there in order to create this production we are living. Its not that they are not real, don’t exist. But in this place of silence you understand more. You see how you had a hand in the creation you are living. And once created, you stepped in to produce and direct the magnum opus called your life.

Profound, really. Deeply profound. And it seems to me that the only way to get to this moment of realization is to fly on the wings of the tempest of change that is rapidly occurring now, into the space of the silence. There, very small whispers of knowledge are revealed and can be grasped. You will sit there while the whirlwind of change swirls around you, and you will learn. And then, you will know. For yourself.

When you emerge from this place of rest, you will re-enter the production. But you will be all the wiser, all the more able to keep some of the perspective you gained in the eye of that storm. You will see things more as they are and definitely as you are. You will not be fooled again.

You will begin to understand how to sidestep appearances, how to keep grounded when the weight and pressure of the reality-play bears down upon you. You will know that what you are seeing, and hearing and being is part of your own production, and you begin to start learning how to disconnect from it, how to take charge of it. You begin to see how to take your place more as an audience observer than a major cast member. Or, you learn the complicated way to hold your position in the cast while, simultaneously directing and viewing your creation.

You understand more and you can begin to live that awareness with more consciousness, more flexibility. You will allow the disclosures of your changing perception to be revealed to you. You will step over fear and you will come to know that you are greater than it, and of the illusion of your creation. You will allow your soul to rise up, and you will begin to feel free. Your mindfulness expands, your ability to choose more consciously emerges, and your wisdom increases.

And as you do, and as it does, that will be the beginning of real change.


4 thoughts on “On the Wings of Change

  1. I am thoroughly amazed by these words of Ms. Butler. So much to read, more than once. Much to understand and consume. Always looking for words of wisdom to bring about the change that will make me the womyn I’d love to be – which would allow me to be the best person to those I meet daily.


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