Entering into stillness

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.    ~Dalai Lama

Gosh, it’s loud out here

Damn. People going crazy.

I feel like I’m watching a movie on a television show as daily headlines and news updates broadcast the crazy shenanigans going on in the USA. I can’t speak for other countries, but in “Amurica” it’s a kind of madness broadcasting in a uniquely American fashion. And since that country has often set the standard for what is / what should be / what will be / and so on, it might be somewhat safe to assume that the whole world is watching.

I think they think we’ve flipped our lids. And I’m inclined to agree.

Maybe it’s that I’ve begun waking up from the nightmare of the illusion that the system perpetuates. We believe everything we’re told. I remember how I was one of the believing faithful. I believed in the god-man in the sky, I believed the government always had our best interests at heart, I believed that my education was worth something, I believed that science knew and could explain everything, and I believed history was real. Oh, I was a good believer. We were the USA and we were the best. Weren’t we?

I was like Truman, the main character in the movie, The Truman Show, who the grew up in a world that seemed perfect, until he found out his whole life was manufactured, and his world was a television set. He lived his life not knowing everything was set up around him to monitor his goings-on, and never knew his life was only reality TV entertainment. I, too, was living my life in a kind of bubble and accepting everything at face value, zippedee-doo-dahing my way along life.

Where does it start?

That bubble began to dissipate over the years. First, in little questions, “who was this god-man, and why was he so moody?” Years of chasing different religions for the answer led me to question the foundation of all those religions and still more questions. The one I thought was my Maker, was actually only another creation of the Divine, and then stole its thunder and thought it was the top dog. It directed our morality and gave us commandments and thou-shall-nots to keep us in order. But no understanding. Platitudes about “why good things happen to bad people” and what to do to get out of the inborn-sinborn position I was led to believe I was in, could not satisfy my need to know and understand. The holy book that people believed in became to me a confusing attempt to explain any of it, and I began to conclude something was not right. In one part of that book, the god-man was jealous, vengeful, and depending on his mood, would save some and not others. If you were a good person, then you would go to war for this god-man and hate who he hated. (Why did he hate?)

In the other half of the book, he appeared to change his mind, and decided love was the key. You should love your neighbor as yourself, and know that the god-man’s heir apparent, Jesus, loved you. How to reconcile this schizophrenic personality if I was to believe that the book, itself, was a gift handed down from the god-man, and just as good as having him on hand and in the flesh?

I flitted from pillar to post as I moved from religion to religion looking for clues. There were no answers to the questions I was seeking. It never occurred to me that perhaps what I had been raised to believe, the very foundation of the story was not what it appeared to be. How was I to know that a kind of mystical-magical sleight of hand had been levied on us, and we were in our own kind of Truman show? Someone was watching and wondering what we would do, and playing all kinds of things out to see what would happen, like an opponent figuring out his next chess move. Amusing? Not really.

Stirring in my sleep

Children have all the magic. They come into this life with it, creativity, imagination, and a spirit of adventure and seeking. As they grow into citizens, they are taught and trained how to be a good citizen, and all the magic, mystery and fun is tampered down (and sometimes, obliterated). I had that spirit – I remember it. But along the way, I was taught to believe that what we couldn’t see wasn’t real, that I needed to stop daydreaming and get serious, that any path I would take that didn’t produce money, or power, or other illusions of this world, should be put aside, and I should explore serious work and real life. As I grew into adolescence, then young adulthood, I learned to disbelieve in myself, and thus, become a proper citizen of the 3-D world.

Well. Like the majority of people on the planet, I bought the package and tried my best to believe what they had taught me. Something within, however, wrestled with me. It stirred so often that I never would have swallowed everything, even though it was pounded into my mind daily. It caused great discomfort and I went in earnest questing for answers, seeking real understanding, not just what a book or a person said was the way.

But. We really are gifted. This life gives us everything we need when we enter. We have these amazing body structures that work so intricately, so meticulously and orderly, and will keep us alive if we take care of them. Our amazing brains with which we think, help us make sense of the outer world and raise new questions. Our greatest gift, our intuition, is meant to steer us, so that we can be guided along the paths of our lives with more ease than discomfort. The problem comes when the society into which we are born assures us that it has the right answers and the keys to better living. We must follow the outer example we see as they hypnotize and put us to sleep. They tempt us by appealing to our baser instincts of greed, sloth, stinginess, and selfishness, by appealing to our appetites for material things, and encourage our self-indulgence. Slowly, we rely little on the inborn guidance, and follow the outward calls and signs to show us the way. Big mistake.

Until we are able to come back to ourselves in some small way, we might never understand that there is a problem with the status quo. In our societies and cultures, as the voices get louder, and the pace more frenzied, so does the energy of frustration, angst, and fear, in our attempts to meet those louder, stronger beckonings, pulls, and urges. We are so busy moving, moving, moving that we no longer hear the voice within, and saddle our tired weary bodies with things that have no nutrition. We don’t sleep well. We isolate from each other, even our own family members. We fall down in front of the TV to unwind, and that is it for us. We are surviving. Barely.

Until we’re not.

Calling yourself home…

You know when something is not right. Even with all the hub-bub and the cacophony of nostalgiaoutside stimulation, you can still feel that things are not as they should be. It is up to you to separate yourself out from the crowd, from the madness. When you do, you will find relief. You can steal those small moments and turn within to reacquaint yourself with your inner wisdom and intuition. From there, you will realize that food is fuel and that your body can only take so much non-nutrition and abuse for so long without there being an adverse impact.

You will realize so many things.

I’m here to remind you that you can do this. I want to say that it is crucial that you begin to find your way back to yourself. Now more than ever. The system we all live in was designed to keep us distracted and asleep. It was designed to siphon off our power and milk us for our creativity. Wake up, my friends. When you do, you will see that we have been sold a rotten bill of goods. We have learned to stop believing in ourselves, see others as foe, and made the external world our god. When you do, you will remember there is beauty and magic and wonder in simplicity, in stillness, in oneness. You will remember that you were meant for greatness.

So, it’s time. Wake up. Start privileging the still small voice within you that knows better than you. And THEM. Listen. That is your first step. From here, new worlds will begin to open and be available for you. Be like Alice in Wonderland and re-discover yourself there. You will re-discover the things that really really matter.

Be like Truman and wake up, and realize how grand life can be.

Wake up.

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