New World Calling

YOU are becoming a new species. The vibrations in and around you are increasing in speed. YOU are all adjusting to these higher dimensional energies (consciously and unconsciously). Without awareness of this process, you may feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious and hopeless. WITH A SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS, YOU CAN THRIVE AS WELL AS CREATE YOUR FUTURE.”

Elaine Seiler, Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook: Exercises for Energetic Awakening

Can You Feel It?

One benefit for me of living outside of the United States is that I get to put distance between myself and the psychic chaos that has ramped up during the last couple of years there. It can be felt particularly well in that country. As I felt it happening (and I had felt it steadily over some years), it began to take more of a toll on my mental, psychological and emotional health. As an empath, I am very sensitive to the energies, of people, of animals, of sentient life. As a spiritual guide once told me, Your pain is the world’s pain.” As I grew to know and understand myself in greater ways over the years, I saw the clear truth in that statement.

As I neared my decision to leave my homeland, I knew ultimately that it would be good for me, as I would grant myself a reprieve from the moments of being perpetually watchful. While I would hear reports from afar, I would no longer be subject to enduring the constant battering by the negative news reports of increased crime, abuses against races, genders, and sexual orientations, didactic harangues by political and religious factions, nor, the rise of more and more screen technology, and less and less people connection.

Of course, I didnt view it in those specific terms when I decided to leave, but in retrospect, I know that if I were living there now, I would be just like so many others that I had observed: struggling to survive financially, physically and mentally, numbing myself with food, TV, alcohol, and shopping, or other distractions, feeling overwhelmed by and resentful of the continual eating up of my personal time, with no easy way to replenish the self. Without the perspective of distance and the space of peace that living abroad has afforded me, I would be oblivious to the truths I am uncovering about what is real and what is illusion, what really matters, and what is designed to drive us to the brink of our humanity (and possibly to the door of madness).

In tandem with the benefit the spatial and geographical differences provide me, I have gained more in the way of connection with my deepest knowing, my inner wisdom. Back home, I could never hear it well because I was running a race to survive, not unlike a hamster on a wheel. I was trying to keep up with the keep-up, while forgetting that what really mattered was the very life I was living, and the people with whom I shared space (and the planet). There was never much time to sit in the silence, or visit Mama Nature in a quiet green space because work pulled most of my time and soaked up all of my energy. Recovering afterwards took everything I had.

I fear this constant need to produce, to move, to progress will be the death of us in the western world. We have no time to hear ourselves think. We have little time to relate intimately and deeply with others. We are living our lives in more sound bites and screens and less tuning in and seeing. We know there is something wrong with how things are. We can see evidence of it in news headlines, and there is a growing uncomfortable feeling in many people that we are being lied to. It feels like the pace of dissonance is increasing. And yet, the more we run to keep up with life and its attendant requirements, the less time we have to feel and sort ourselves out.

The Beckoning


Even with the frenzy, there is change that is happening now. I sense the change that many others are tanias-personal-power-image1feeling. While it appears on the surface that there is only more of the same and nothing new, I feel the subtle change taking place on the planet. We are in the throes of it, even though it looks like life as usual. Others, like myself, are waking up and realizing that there is more to this life than only what our five senses allow us to acknowledge. There is something else going on that requires a step back from this apparent picture of 3-D materiality to a recognize that a wider scope of perception is possible. It is not just what is in front of us that matters. It is not only the material that is real. Once we have opened our vision, once we have allowed for the possibility, we can take in more, we can sense the incoming, we can personally know more of the change that is afoot.

There is a shift occurring that will take some of us to a brighter time when we remember who we are, to make possible the dream that is paradise on earth. We are choosing. By embracing only what we see, or authorizing only the voices and sights from without ourselves, we are locked into a frequency of fear. However, by seeing what exists in materiality and somehow rising above it, we can move toward a different outcome. We don’t pretend that what is happening in 3D is not real, rather, we decide to place our energy and focus elsewhere, and in a different way. We lend our energy to possibility, and align with the potential of good and power that is within our grasp. We cease to give allegiance to systems and structures which no longer work for the people, for the cause of humanity. We have the power to create the world we want and we see and embrace that.


To know this and experience it consciously, it is important to carve out a space for oneself where one can reflect, intuit, and connect with the force within which reveals all of this and more. That still quiet place within ourselves is a herald of assurance that all is well, despite appearances to the contrary. It is the voice of reason within us. It is our true savior. We cannot possibly know the truth of anything until we are able to withdraw our senses from everyday reality, and listen in the stillness. It is critical for us all to begin to do this, but especially, for those in the so-called “civilized” (or, “first”) world. The system is designed to wear you down and out, keep you distracted, and believing only in what you can see and hear. Don’t let it. Begin to claim your sovereign humanity by starting within yourself and not without. You are your own authority. You are your own conscience. You are your own divinity. In a very special way, through turning within, you must sacrifice the gains of progress for your humanity by remembering what is real and what matters. You matter. We matter. Life matters.

We are power. We have power. And we must use it consciously and wisely.

Now is the time to begin.

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