Keeping an open eye



It’s absolutely by design. It’s meant to instill fear and distrust among us, so we are divided and more easily conquered. The real distrust needs to be placed on our govern mente. How many more false flag attacks must we endure at the hands of the Corporation of the United States (circa 1871) before we wake up and realize the futility of our confusion, hence division. United we stand, divided we fall is not mere fanciful rhetoric. It’s truth. And who else who would we stand with if not our brothers and sisters, our fellow human beings?     ~Theresa Price

The world is ablaze with sorrow. Each corner to which I turn reveals misery, fear, desperation, greed, poverty, anger, madness, anguish, and despair. People are being bombed and run out from their homes, others are starving and dying from disease and hunger. In those places where people are seeking relief, others shake in fear and dread, and yell in angry voices, that what they have and who they are, are being taken away from them. And so, they feel threatened by the ones seeking shelter and hope. Division and more division. In other places, people are fomenting antipathy and discord among the population by keeping them at odds with each other. In my country, for example, there threatens to be mass chaos and social upheaval as young African-American men are being all but hunted by angry mobs of men authorized to “protect and serve” them. Their young lives are lost and they are sacrificed to a system of backwardness and evil.

Yes, yes, yes. Evil is afoot these days.

I don’t put much store by the Christian bible (or any other “holy book”), but from my early life I always remembered talk of the great tribulation, which would precede the war of Armageddon, if I remember correctly. For me, that always meant the test would be could you keep your mind, your sanity, your wits about you, as all around you are losing theirs? Could you keep centered in the eye of the storm of chaos, and find your grounding to stay upright? For after the whirlwind, someone would have to clean up, lead the way, set a new course, begin again.

To my mind, we are being tested just so now.

One thing about living in 3D so-called reality is that we have learned to believe and honor only that which can be sanctioned by our human senses. This is under girded by institutions, which have been created to guide our thinking, our being, our very souls. And these institutions have guided us along each step of the way. We have marched to the beat of Authority in the name of safety, protection, prosperity, and peace. But these things have been illusions. Just take a look back at history and see the repeated patterns of the same through time.

Government and political institutions supposedly guarantee our protection and rights. Educational institutions supposedly give us an advantage by inculcating us with knowledge. Media purportedly reports the story and gives us the real deal. Scientific institutions suggest they have the absolute knowledge and it is based on data, facts, investigation, and objectivity. Religious institutions give us something to both fear and love by sending mixed messages about a creator through a book, which only reveals the personality of a very disturbed deity in one section, and a sacrificial lamb scattering messages of love and hope for an ‘afterlife’ in a land of milk and honey with said lamb, in the other half. What kind of madness is this?

Being raised as I was for so many years I couldn’t see anything but that this was the order of things. This was life—what it meant to be human. It never occurred to me that there was something very, very wrong with the whole picture. I accepted their god, their education, their justice, their truth, and all the system wrought because I was raised to believe that my country, despite everything, was all about democracy and freedom. And that we wanted that for everyone.

From the time I was a child I was raised to believe what I saw and discount what I knew. We all were. It is how this world was designed. But, to quote my Daddy, they “put us in the trick bag.” They convinced us that all this was real. They did a number on us that has us turned against each other, marking color, gender, geographical borders, paths to our creator, and who we are allowed to love, as righteous categories with which to wrangle, and if need be, die. Not many of us stopped to question that maybe the gatekeepers were, in fact, mad, for they wore the faces of normalcy and spoke the words we all wanted to hear. They made us believe we were anything but powerful and dependent on them for our very lives. And that was the ultimate lie.

Now as I watch young African-American men scapegoated and killed in sacrifice to those gods of madness, I, too, am full of sorrow, anger, grief, and despair. It is hard to watch what appears to be a continual effort to kill us, and demolish any spirit of righteousness we still have within our beings. It is painful to watch another mother lose her child needlessly, and have the media (which has always painted our image in the image of evil) suggest that these individuals were guilty for their own trespasses and transgressions, and  thus, somehow, the causes of their own deaths, while not being given the benefit of reason, even as young white men in similar or worse circumstances got taken to Burger King.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.      ~Arundhati Roy

It is easy for me to focus on what is going on in my country because I worry for young African-American men constantly. But I am also seeing a bigger picture. This is the design. Not only were we Africans not meant to survive but none of us truly is. For the system under which we live, for which many of our young men and women are willing to die in unnecessary wars, is flawed. This world is not as it seems. Behind the scenes are psychopaths who glory in this chaos for they have their own ends in mind. Even as we are led to believe we are in a better world, and are more civilized, more technologized, everything around us suggests the opposite. We are being fed a steady diet of fear, suspicion, uncertainty, and pitted against each other for illusory pieces of a pie that has been rotten so long, it is amazing more of us can’t smell it.

Amidst this climate, this backdrop, however, I see hope. I see all that is happening as a last ditch effort to siphon away every last bit of our strength, our personal power, our will, our creativity from us. I see a system dying and a new one struggling to be born. We are in transition. And we will be what we decide to be—individually, and collectively. WE have the power to decide, and in fact, are deciding now. Those evil psychopaths have led us to believe that our only choices are before us now, and that they know best for us. And with the continual bombardment of negativity, hatred, human sacrifice, terror, and confusion, they are being fed heartily.

It is up to us to stay strong a bit longer. It is up to us not to go willingly into the prison they wehaveithave designed for us. It is for us to do our level best to see beyond this division and align ourselves and arm ourselves with truth. Even in the face of all this horror and pain, somehow we must remain steadfast, and see behind the “man behind the curtain” to what is really going on in this world. For that is how we will create the world we want to live in. That is the power we have.

WE do have the power.

We have to find ways to use it wisely.



6 thoughts on “Keeping an open eye

  1. I really believe what you say about the times and how we all must keep centered and keep our wits about us while all around us people are losing their minds. The violence of these times is remarkable and almost everyone I know is also going through some kind of personal turmoil on top of the planetary turbulence. It is as if the planet was picked up and shaken like a snow globe – but as you say this is all by design and institutionalized. And now those institutions are marching on like robots while many of us simply allow them to continue on and we walk forward like sheep. We each need to find our strengths and use them to keep the drama down, reduce the polarization and heal the planet. My heart is breaking for the young black men that are being killed and also for the invisibility of black women being killed in the same way. I feel a fear living in this country that I have not felt before as a black woman and I also recognize nobody is filming the Mexican border where people are being killed daily in horrible ways and I could go on and on about the connections to other people of other races being killed simply for being who they are. I don’t bring this up to compare oppressions rather to support the idea that the THING that we all must come together around is a recognition that the violence must end. The only way to turn this violent tide around is to not believe everything we think and embrace each other and learn about struggles that are not so personal and see the connections between the struggles of different people. Thank you for reminding us about the systemic nature of all of this and thank you for using your gift of writing to keep us honest and self-reflective. Each of us must find our own way to remain centered and reduce the drama and make connection to people very different from ourselves.

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