Don’t Believe the Hype

*I pull you from your tower
I take away your pain
and show you all the beauty you possess
if you’d only let yourself believe that
we are born innocent*
These days I wonder what I am doing, what I am waiting for.  It feels like I am, like something’s gotta happen.  Maybe it’s a function of age.  I never thought I’d get to this age — how did that happen? No matter, but it’s got me looking around and wondering what the f—?  What kind of world is this? But I am thinking so many things. I am reflecting on life, all this.  Still…

To what end?  I look at this world which seems totally crazy and I wonder how I got “put in the trick bag,” as my Daddy would have said. How did I come to think of this life as it is as normal? Well, I guess we all fall for the okeydoke.  And we can’t help it. It’s the design of life here. Maybe the trick (like the TV show, Survivor), is to outlive, outlast the mind-numbing, soul-taunting tricks that life in a realm we were thrust into lacking awareness, serves us. Our job now here: to figure out how to bypass, sidestep, and run helter-skelter away from the maneuvers and machinations and attacks upon our real lives and real selves.

How do we come to accept a life full of perpetual threat, potential war, endless poverty in the midst of plenty, and control by ravaged souls devoid of morality and simple compassion, as normal? How is it that here only me and mine matter?  Why do we believe this? Why does it seem that it is the swell of the collective consciousness which dictates we move with the swarm, and accept that as the norm?
We are born onto this planet, into this dimensional reality and almost immediately, we are sucked into belief systems, thought patterns, ways of being and doing that if we don’t follow, we are out of place, out of pace, out of step, out of line, out of the group.  And for some of us, that matters a lot.

Until we wake up.

It’s not normal. None of it.  It’s not normal to end disagreements with the threat of a gun barrel being thrust in our faces. It’s not normal to cast aspersions, meanness, ugliness upon those who do not do our bidding.  It’s not normal.  But we have accepted it as such. And to deviate from the norm is to be seen as naive, pollyanna, stupid, foolish. And that can feel like a sin worse than death.

If this is all it means, what a waste. All this spinning, jostling, vying to be first in a world that seems to only allow us to reach our lowest common denominator. Gosh, what a terrible waste of time. All the way to this planet to be caught up in how to acquire, obtain, best, and whatever else we come to believe is the way to our potential happiness.  And none of it buys happiness.  Buys things, sure.  But happiness?  Fleeting, at best.

*believe me Adia, we are still innocent
it’s easy, we all falter, does it matter?
believe me Adia, we are still innocent
’cause we are born innocent*
This world helps us forget our real selves, our origins, our possibilities. But into this life we come equipped with the seeds of our potentiality. We decide how to use what we are given. Whatever life seems to throw our way, we are capable of much more. We are capable of playing to our strengths. And the purity and innocence at the core of our being is the real strength.

I see hopeful signs.

Despite the mockery, despite the insults, despite the persuasion, that floods our televisions, iPhones, business transactions, social pressures to obtain, there are those who see beyond this setup. They are being born today, and many already here are evolving in perspective, too. They see to the core of what matters, of who we really are. They don’t permit the mockery or belittling by others to limit their understanding and belief, or the way they see the world–rightly. They are creating a new reality for us all. They are the ones who dare to dream, who put themselves on the line, who strive and embrace the unseen realities because despite appearances, they know the truth. They have recognized how our so-called reality is all a big setup for delusion and disappointment.  So, they put themselves out…there.


And that little bit of hope brings me relief.

We must all have the courage to throw off the conditioning.  It really is time. This is our moment. Believe in something more, our possibility, our innocence, or, when you reach the age I have, you may find yourself questioning same. We are born innocent, have always been innocent. It is a matter of perspective, how we choose to perceive ourselves and our lives. Let us stop seeing the world as it appears as normal, looking with the eyes of only-what-I-can-seefeeltastetouchsmell. Stop listening only to what “they” (read: authorities, powersthatbe) say. Don’t believe the hype. There is more than we can see, so much more than we can know. Let us thrust off our human arrogance and be humble knowing we are a part of this creation, not lord and master over it.

Let us focus on the greatness that we are, our potential, rather than the effects of our struggle as we sojourn here. Even those who we would deem as horrible, evil, awful people still have that seed of innocence within. Let us cultivate that.  Uphold the beauty in that. Let no one buy our innocence.  So that, even when we falter, it doesn’t matter. Only the truth prevails. Only the best is upheld.

Only that.


*lyrics from “Adia” by Sarah McLachlan

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