G is for Gift


“We stand separate from the world because of our gifts. Never forget that, because you may be sure the world never will.”   ― P.C. Cast

You are a gift to this world. There is no other like you. From the magnificence of Love’s yearning you were born. You were new life bringing hope, possibility, potentiality, light, and wonder to this place. You came on a mission of love — to give it and receive it. You came bearing gifts that only you could give. And while you resembled other offerings dressed in bodies like you, you were unique. Your light is special. No one can shine it for you.


No one can laugh like you. No one can love like you. No one can comfort like you. No one can direct like you. No one can give like you. No one sparkles like you.  In a universe of diversity, you are unlike any other being.  That there is only one, will only ever be one of you is a miracle in a world teeming with life. How marvelous is that? It’s your job to be wholly and completely you.  Celebrate the amazing being you are and give some of you away. Let your life ring strong and true that we all may hear the lovely note that is your essence.  Be all you can be…and then some.

What will you gift the world?


© 2015 Egyirba High All Rights Reserved

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