A is for Anew


“Every ending is a new beginning. Through the grace of God, we can always start again.”— Marianne Williamson

Ah, once again it is time for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. How is it possible that it has come around so quickly? In the spirit of avoidance, I put a period on the 2014 challenge, self-satisfied, I had done what I said I would do. Then, I promptly slunk down and hid again, keeping some unknown agreement with myself to clamp down and say no more.

Well, I had busted through my own procrastination, had persevered, hadn’t I? I wrote dutifully each day of last year’s challenge and posted faithfully on my blog. Afterwards, resting on my laurels, the days crept by one after the other, and smug satisfaction became something else. Avoidance? Writer’s block? Fear of the unknown?


Like the Spring season I love, the season of my birth, April, (and this challenge), gives me the opportunity to begin again, to start anew. I love do-overs and new beginnings, fresh opportunities, potentiality and possibility. It is invigorating and full of expectation. Mistakes of yesterday are forgotten, the effects of deeds done in the dark can see the light of day and be forgiven. Anew means renewal. Hunkered down in the darkness of winter, time given to reflection, meant for withdrawal from the busyness of yesterday, I sleep gratefully, for when I wake I know the hope that only a new day can bring.

Spring pokes its head around the corner and surprises me, catches me off-guard. Like a newborn stretching and easing into life, I awake and know that today is everything. So, I am off…not stopping now to think beyond today… whether I will continue writing beyond the challenge. Now is all that matters. Like Spring, I begin anew and I pause only to revel in this moment of perfection.





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