W is for Womb-World

Moon Goddess
artist Unknown

Man in the moon, I ran past my home to your shore
to melt the arctic beat in my breast next to yours.
It was just my fantasy for a real world.

What do you hear? What is it we really share?
Do you know the depth of my needs and my prayer,
or is it just a fantasy for a new world? It’s true.
(You’ll see. You’ll see it, baby). There’s a new world coming through.

Things are changing. There’s a new world coming through, and frankly, not soon enough for my preference. Madness and mayhem abound and many of us are walking on the edge of a tight wire, endeavoring to hang on to whatever grip on reality we have.  Bumpy ride seems an understatement, actually, if I was trying to define the change at hand. I rarely watch the news anymore but yesterday, the TV was on in the background while I worked at my computer. For whatever reason, at just a particular moment, I looked up to see and hear yet another story of another young person in crisis. In this case, the report was of a sixteen-year old girl with a bright face and future, who had been slashed to death by a classmate at a high school in Milford, Connecticut. Maren Sanchez was to attend her prom that evening, and like all her classmates was looking forward to the evening with great happiness. Allegedly, according to rumors, a sixteen-year old boy took revenge on the young woman who had declined to attend the dance with him.

Now I have learned to steel myself against the onslaught of bad news lately. I simply choose what I read, listen to, and watch. I have had to do so, so that I can work in tandem with my soul to help create positive change. I am an empath who feels what other people feel, so, rather than be deluged by negativity and the resulting immobility for me, I find ways to contribute to the change I wish to see. But at that particular moment, when I glanced up at the TV screen and saw Maren’s bright smile, I just lost it. I cried from a deep place. It was all too much. At that moment, it was her particular tragedy but I knew also that she was a stand-in for the many faceless, nameless, abuses that go on everyday here.

We have reached the point where madness is normal and violence to be expected. Why did I react to the news about this young woman and not the last incident? I do not know. Perhaps it was a confluence of cosmic energies that danced around my soul, and caught me unaware. For in that  moment, I dropped my brave face and yielded to the idea that this world is all there is, that it is reality, and that we are lost.  That incident reflected the real sickness which has been building to crescendo for a number of years. While it seems that this is the new normal where these type of incidents flourish, where a person can run someone down in the street and keep driving without even looking back, where mothers offer their children for sacrifice to the best price available, where elderly women are raped in their hospital or nursing home beds, where we live in a society that blames the victim and no longer understands compassion,where greed and corruption proliferate, where the greased palm is the surest way to seeing that laws and policies go this or that way, where in the 21st century people still go to bed hungry in a world that has more than plenty, then we have gone past anything that could make sense to anyone, into a ridiculous abnormal land beyond the beyond.

Is it just fine for us to live in a world that cannot give?
As for me I know I’m strong, and I belong in a new world. (You’ll see, you’ll see it, baby). There’s a new world in me.
If you want me you’ll find me in a new world.
I want love, respect, and power to make a new world.
I wanna raise my babies in a new world,
give them peace and happiness. 
You know you’re the old world and I’m the new.
Man in the moon.

But. All is not lost. A new world is gestating. Mama Cosmos and Mother Earth are about to birth a new world.We’re hurtling from hell to apogee and into the 5th dimension. A new consciousness awaits. A new world is being born. We’re in a magic moment, poised on the precipice of change. A handing-off from the old to the new. Seers of all stripes have been pointing to the signs of change just beyond our horizon for years now. If you shut your ears and eyes to the things of this world, to the presentations of the senses, you will see and feel it coming.  It is rumbling and stirring. It is rocky, it is rough. It is a birth which may bring more trying moments. Meanwhile, hold fast. Endure. Look within. Meditate. Be still. Commune with nature. Pray. See your reflection in others, and their reflections in yourself. Practice. Know that we are more than the mess we  have created. Know that there is that within us which will help us make the leap, if we can make the connection. Before long we will reach. I have been readying myself for this moment, for years. I have been in deep reflection and self-examination, weeding the outgrown, no longer useful beliefs, thoughts, emotional responses, and bad dreams, and courting my best self forward. It has not been for naught. Believe. There’s a new world coming through.

Italicized lyrics from Laura Nyro, “Man in the Moon”. Mother’s Spiritual. 1984. (If you’d like to hear the song that gives me joy for a new world and from which the lyrics are taken, see this video). 
[youtube Man in the Moon by Laura Nyro


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