O is for Oneness

We are, indeed, one.
We are, indeed, one.

“We are figments of the same imagination… We are one.” ~ Gary Hopkins

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “we are one” uttered here and there these days. It might have been on a social media site, or perhaps in a spiritual venue, maybe heard  just passing someone on the street. Sayings can often become cliché rather quickly, especially with the help of vehicles like Facebook and Twitter. Still, “we are one” is a phrase which some of us have not really come to understand in that deep way that things are integrated into our knowing. Oneness means that despite our many physical representations, there is that which unifies us at deeper and more meaningful levels, where we resonate so totally in harmony till fleshly identifiers fall away.

What is beautiful about having a physical body and living on this planet is the many expressions of ultimate oneness in evidence everywhere. A diversity of colors, sizes, intelligences, instincts, smells, textures, sounds, appearances. From the land to the sea, from the earth to the skies, magnificent creations of life abound. Trees, bees, seas, amoebas, whales, panthers, rocks, humans, and a myriad other wonders. Dimensions and levels unseen, parallel worlds abiding invisibly alongside us, realms of the unseen with its elementals, fairies, devas, and more that we have not yet discovered. Life is abundant. It vibrates everywhere and in everything. And always.

To make things interesting here on earth, we have learned to believe in our separate, individual identities. We believe we are the bodies we inhabit, the names we are called, the work we do. We believe we live amongst others all of us tasked to make the most of what this life has to offer, by doing the best we can, while getting all we can, for as long as we can in that  battle to see who is fittest.  And for a while it works, until we notice that there is something more, that money does not buy happiness, that another person cannot fill the emptiness inside, that material possessions give only a momentary joy.  Perhaps, in desperation, we turn within toward the seat of our beginning, to the spark of original life within.

“The face of everyone in mine,
the oneness with every blade of grass,
the flight with the flocks in the sky,
the dance with the clouds across endless skies.
The strength with every tree,
rooting deep into mother earth,
springing forth into the heavens,
extending branches of gratitude and love….

Such a privilege, honor and grace,
such a gift and joy.”
~ Patsie Smith, Awaken Our Spirit Within: A Journey of Self-Realization and Transformation

We carry that source energy as part of the costume we wear on the planetary stage of these lives.  As we learn to unpeel the layers of consciousness which masks the core light within us, we begin to notice a similarity in others. We begin to understand that beyond our bodies we carry the light of oneness within. We come to recognize the value and purpose in all life.  While some of us are tethered only to our senses, (the evidence and proof for us of reality), others of us know because we have glimpsed a more expansive existence which reveals our common beginnings. As we expand our awareness and raise our vibration, we transcend the earth resonance to which we are all accustomed. There we glimpse a greater unfolding, an evolution now in process. And while some are left tap dancing to the rhythms of 3D living, others are pirouetting beyond to worlds beyond the 4th dimension. And when we manage to do that, then we can say we have begun the journey to understanding that our shared humanity is more than the lives we lead on earth. Then we can say we have embarked upon that great journey of unifying harmony to the spark of original light. We no longer choose to just stay afloat on the big blue marble dancing the survival shuffle. We begin to understand this spark of light as an eternal expression of the oneness unifying and shining through us in a magnificent display of life.


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