B is for Bounty


There is bounty here and I am grateful for my life.  Despite the fact that it is not “picture perfect” as the world might define that, it is my life and I am happy.  I am happy to be who I am. I am happy for all the experiences — all of them — that I have had. Even in the midst of a seemingly chaotic world, I am happy. Certainly, things that are considered a sign of success in this third-dimensional reality are not readily apparent as material effects in my life. I struggle with bills and expenses, don’t own a car, have no savings — even for a rainy day, have suffered setbacks in terms of career, worry incessantly about my son, fret constantly that I am not doing what I came here to the planet to do, and worse, if it isn’t too late for me.


I have so much.  Here, right now I float in a sea of abundance.  I am safe. I am well. I am fed. I am housed. I am clothed. I am loved. I have an abundance of everything from the spirit within me to the beauty, life, and magic all around me. In fact, there is no short supply of any of these things. Guidance is always always available to me. There is a magnificent light within me which expresses through me, despite my attempts to cower in lowliness. When I turn my attention deep within my being, to what matters, to what is really real, and not to what is deemed real by the world in which I live, then I know the bounty in my life. When I look to the world to help me make sense of my life, to tell me who I am, when I give the power of naming my reality to external forces, things, or people,  I am lost. So, in this moment, this now, I stop and recognize the bounty that surrounds me, suffuses my being. I feel the grace of this moment. I am full. I am bountiful.


© 2014 Egyirba High All Rights Reserved

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