How to Keep the Writing Flowing

The other day I re-tweeted an article that came across my desk called “9 Things Every Writer Needs to Do Every Day” by Scott Ginsberg. It contained nine suggestions for stimulating the writing flow.

Simultaneously, I sent the article by email to a couple of writerly friends and thought nothing more of it. A day or so later, my good friend, Jasmine, wrote me back. I was so amused by her response I thought I’d publish it here. It read:

Sounds like a man’s list. Here is my list – 5 things every writer needs to do every day:

1 – Observe people especially the ones that bug the dogshit out of you.

2 – Observe yourself especially when angry sad or ashamed.

3 – Write through the emotions that make you want to shut down.

4 – Buy elegant journals and pens and write in and with them every day – preferably in nature.

5 – Get away from computer screens television screens Blackberrys and all digital media and write from your heart.

Of course, both lists are great and offer a variety of approaches to keeping the writing flowing. What she meant by “man’s list”, I think, is that the suggestions seem so left-brained, that is, seem to approach the process from a linear point of view, while the ideas she submitted are intended to work off emotion.

I just happen to be a very left-brained kind of person with an also very big emotional nature. So, both ways can be useful to me at various times.

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