She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Sister


I happened upon her website while twittering. She is Dawn and is billed as the “self-esteem queen,” and admittedly, I was curious. Decided to read her blog having been drawn in by this woman who I learened had overcome some big challenges in her life and came up smelling like a rose.

This video was posted there — a frustrated cry against the multinational corporations who have taken their businesses overseas to save money and caught us up in some kind of perverse and frivolous loop, where getting customer service means automated recordings, or people 10,000 miles away who are given quickie training to deal with us unruly, demanding Americans for little (by American standards) pay.

This is happening more and more nowadays. I know I’ve been frustrated trying to get things done. In this case an inability to get her Internet service was clearlly a major obstacle to this “terminally ill” woman’s life. After all, being in such a predicament without access to help in an emergency hardly seems a privilege in this country. I was drawn and moved by her tears and her resolve to do something about it and offer to help others tackle the big corporate monsters who don’t seem to care how much they jerk us around. It is tiring.And I do remember the days when customer service meant something in this country.

I am moved by her humanity–her expression of frustration, anger, helplessness, and self-empowerment all in one moment with her determination to not let this thing totally throw her off-center. I believe the time of the greedy corporation was yesterday. I believe we are headed in a new direction, new energy which is uplifting and positive prevailing. I believe we have to keep moving in that direction and know who we are, and that we are more the same than we are different. And that in the end, the differences matter less than what binds us as a species right here and right now.

Listen to the video and if you feel so moved, send it on, blog about it, or tell someone. There is power and strength in numbers of motivated ones whose hearts are guided by goodness. And as Obama’s election has demonstrated, we can!

One thought on “She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Sister

  1. My heart is humbled that you would take the time to write about me and what I go though. SO many people don’t realize that one bout of bad customer service can be the beginning of the end for some. I have lost friends in 2008 to suicide and I know that bad customer service CAN and should be something WE collectively can do something about hence my post. I want people to see that even those who are positive experience negativity in this World; it’s all about how you deal with it that makes the difference.

    Love ya sis,
    Dawn The Self Esteem Queen 🙂


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