Here I Go Again

I cant keep up with myself!
I can't keep up with myself!

The winter semester at my university has begun and it will be a quick one before the regular 16-week spring term. This intercession period lasts only three weeks and that means I must give strong attention and focus to what is going on there. It’s great teaching online (though I miss the face-to-face interaction with my students), but it means staying glued to the computer a lot.

This isn’t bad. I love the computer. I love technology. I love the Internet. Um-hmmm. But since I began hanging out on socialnetworks I have become a bit overwhelmed by all that that involves. Holy moly! It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time (have I said that elsewhere?) I’m picking up new Twitter friends everyday but I feel the need to read all the information that comes past me and that is time-consuming. I can’t say no! Gotta draw the line somewhere cause it means less time to write, to blog, and just do stuff “in the real world.” I mean, I gotta have a life, right?

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