Have We All Gone Tw-aaaaa-zy?

I’ve found it exciting, dismaying, depressing to be taking part in the Twitter phenomenon. On the one hand, it’s great because I get to feed the Gemini-rising part of myself that is constantly feeding on information. And boy is there information out there! Tidbits of mind stuff from everywhere. A curious, seeker like me could simply o.d. on the bytes.  Not to mention the thrill of being in-the-know and in with the crowd.

And when you look at the fact that it’s just not Twitter but a seeming-gazopolis (*made-up-word alert*) of social networking sites with yet more people buzzing around, well, it’s almost pornographic! I can friendfeed, twine, brightkite, plurk, and jaiku myself into a silly.  I’ve hardly had time to establish myself on Twitter, let alone getting into these other sites. And there are still others I’m signed up on and lining up in my schedule to really get down to business with and explore.  

And there’s something for everyone. I just discovered library thing where I can hobnob with book lovers like myself. It lets you catalog your books and connect with others along those lines.  But I hear there are sites like Wakoopa which are for people into games and gaming, or those who want to track their software applicaitons. Yikes! One could reach heights of ecstasy and never come down!

That’s where the dismaying comes in. There’s just not enough time to explore everything and do it right. Who on earth has the time, desire, and willingness to update continually? I certainly don’t. And if I am, then what kind of life do I really have? Do I really need to tell someone that my eggplant doesn’t agree with me when I’m out dining, or that the cashier rolled her eyes at me when I asked her to add one more purchase after she had finished a transaction?  I understand that people Twitter from home, on-the-go, and who knows what else? At this point, I just cannot fathom taking this little diversion away from the computer. And I certainly don’t imagine doing it from my mobile. Egads! The keypad is so small, I can barely enter contact information into the addressbook as it is.

Which brings me to depressing. I can’t help but be curious about what’s going on in the twitterverse when I’m not there. What delightful or humorous comment has been left, what need-to-know link has been left, what adorable or scandalous photo has been shared and what made me think I had time to just surf the net, or watch television? So, do I really have no life? How do I find the balance in loving these new forms of techno-communication with being out and about in the “real world” without a twitter? I have yet to figure that out but I know I will.

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