They had the big head


Idi Amin
Idi Amin

Watching the movie,  The Last King of Scotland again. Well, the first time I”ve seen it all the way through. Before I just caught the last 45 minutes of it. The other day I saw HBO’s House of Saddam. Both presentations are excellent. It’s got me thinking about megalomania.


Seemingly, Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin had the intention of bettering their respective countries but somewhere along the way, the ego’s love of power got the best of them.  They were power-hungry men who abused their power and their people in the name of serving their country. 

I think of how many so-called leaders around the world who are just like them. The love of money, power compels and their egos swell to unfathomable proportions. It’s a gloomy prospect.

Of course my country’s leadership has not been a whole lot better. We’ve done a lot in the name of democracy, but at what cost? Now the current administration is on the way out and there is hope that perhaps President-elect Obama may write a different chapter in our history–maybe even global history. May it be the beginning of real change.

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