Who’s Ready For Love?


i love you like i love my brother
i love you like i love my brother


So I’m reading my friend, Joy’s blog, and she’s talking about being open or not to possible new friendships, and I think of how since Errol I haven’t been really very interested. That relationship taught me some good stuff about myself and also scared me from reaching out for any others. It has been my way in times past that if I don’t suceed at one–especially ones I’m flirting with online–I just get another. At online sport I’ve always had lots of guys buzzing me. But I soon realized the futility of that. The long and short of it being that you never really know what you’re getting online. A body can be whatever it wants to and people let you see just what they want you to. So, after a long learning process, I saw the light and the lack of wisdom of that.

I even stopped going up for meets at Eharmony, one of the more “respectable” sites as far as looking for love, but that is the one that netted me Errol and and heartbreak. They really matched us up well–he and I had so much in common. I’ll spare the details, then, on what happened as I don’t want to stir up that pot of sad memories.

But one thing I really agree with is friends first, as Joy suggests. It’s harder to break up with someone and salvage a friendship or at least civil acquaintance with someone you didn’t have one with first.  So, when I am ready again IF I get ready again, that’s just what I’m going to do. Cultivate the friendship.

3 thoughts on “Who’s Ready For Love?

  1. ((((E!)))

    You pinged me! My first ping! Wooo hoooo! A milestone in Joy’s blogdom :o)

    I totally agree with you…this reaching out with open heart is scary.

    I guess that keeping centered in Love (which I know both you and I attempt to do) and flowing with spirit is the best we can do…with all of life’s lessons!

    Love you!
    Miss you!



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