So, In This Moment…Now.


“It is time to step up. It is time to rise up and claim our power, our self-worth, to find our true inner strength and to reclaim it. Step into it. Use it. We have the unlimited strength within us to birth, to create, to bring to life our purest intentions. This is about rising up by ourselves and for ourselves. This is about finding our innate strength so we can heal, repair, nourish and reflect in whatever way we need to. Our worlds needs us. Our children need us. Our men need us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” ― Petra Poje – Keeper of The Eye

It’s heady, this time. And we find ourselves at a unique moment in time, facing choices that were never so precisely spelled out, as this one. There’s never been so much riding on a moment, never so much weight levied on human decisiveness and probability.

Uniquely poised to create a future we would want for ourselves and our children, the gauntlet has been dropped. “What will the humans do?” someone sings offstage. Doors open wide with Aquarian energy infusing the moment.  It beckons, “Try something new. Try something different. Did you know this is not all there is?  Come this way…”

This moment is big.

Now, if you’re squarely entrenched in 3-D reality, and so sure that life as we understand it is reality,  you may be hard-pressed to understand the gravity of this moment.  Even as you witness a reality that has produced for you an out-of-control-and-into-hysteria act designed to frighten you out of your wits and beg those who say they know better to do something, you must wonder if this is how this theater is going to end.

Dramatic, I know. But so is this moment, this time.

Where this moment is leading us, the door it is rolling up to, if we do nothing, is dramatic tragedy befitting Shakespeare.  But we do have a choice in all of this.  We can surrender to inevitable woe, or choose a different path. And what I have come to understand is that it is our initiative, our say-so, our decision that will impel us forward to collapse the box which houses this Truman Show, and opens the door to opportunity, the possibility that Aquarius assures us, we’ve never seen before.

Or, the same which will propel us into the once and future past, the new-old Dark Age.

In other words, nothing good, nothing new is going to happen, truly, until you choose. Until I choose. Until each of us chooses. And let us not forget that to not choose is to choose.

I don’t care which version of left or right psyops you are “be-leaving” or “leaving your own being” to accept as reality. If you do not know thySelf, ANY popular characters and narratives “out there” are suspect. Don’t you see? In the end, none of them lead to actual freedom. The only one that does is the journey to the Kingdom within. 
~Eileen Meyer

Many sit glued to the news which barrels out of their TVs,  lending a perspective which can only lead them to disempowerment, prison-living, and hopelessness in their tomorrows. It is information recycled for the 21st century and beyond, that begs to shape a reality designed to encourage them to come along, accept the promise of a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing guarantee that they will be safe and protected, and that they can trust those promises. 

“We would never steer you wrong, ” they assure us, in neat soundbites and strong warnings of whatifs if we don’t comply.

And somewhere offstage the exclamation,  “My! What big teeth you have!” Little Red Riding Hood says to the wolf in Grandma’s clothing. 

But any vision-forward person can see the empty, hollow inside of that outer illusion, the prettily-packaged programmed confusion, false promises, and inevitable disappointment awaiting those who choose to remain disempowered.

Other ones sit seeing a perspective that comes from an up-close and personal eye on how they were short-changed by the system (and they were),  believing sincerely (but misguidedly) that freedom is coming in the form of a man or the cavalry,  because they believe in God and Jesus, and in truth, justice, and the American way.

And still others, await the sounds, sirens, and light beams from Star brothers, sisters, and others signaling the path forward, because as they understand it,  freedom will come in the guise of galactic flashing lights and chariots of fire in a promised and age-old mission to save the earthlings lost on this blue marble (and from themselves, too) and uncover our shared hidden history.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” 
― Eliot Peper,  Breach 

All right. There are points of view. But in all cases, there is waiting,  and in that space,  giving away the special power that humans hold to be a part of shaping our own futures, and to welcome in more enlightened and humane living,  over to some things, or some ones outside of ourselves.

God helps those who help themselves the proverb goes.  And so, as I see it, we are charged with understanding that nothing can happen without us. Nothing can happen outside of us. It is we who must grasp the power given to us from the Divine, to act on our own behalf and in our own name. And in the doing, and out of that action comes comes the assistance, comes the help, even the cavalry.  But it’s in that order.  First, WE. We must recognize, embrace and embody our own divine power, and rise to demand our sovereign right to be free.

We cannot afford to wait for outside forces of any kind to save us.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” 
Colin Beavan,  No Impact Man: The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet and the Discoveries He Makes About Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process

It is up to us to grasp the power in this moment. It is up to us to snap out of the collective spell we have come to accept as meaning, as life and as purpose.  We cannot go quietly into a future life being designed for us with its attendant outcomes we never would imagine for ourselves.  But the key is to ascertain the significance of who we are as spiritual beings inhabiting fleshly embodiments, charged with making the most of it in this profound moment.  The key is hearing the clarion call of this very moment.

“Your tomorrow depends entirely on what you do today.”
― Ghandi

We’ve gotten too far away from our original knowledge and awareness. And true reality.  And if we keep in that direction, we will give up our very humanity, by acquiescing to those who bark the loudest, and threaten us with death. We are far along in this game but it is not too late.  If enough of us can come to understand the sobriety of this moment, the potentiality in it, and the weight of responsibility and power we truly have, we can redirect this drama, and write a different ending. We can move toward a world that works for everyone.

We must see WE. We must BE we. And may WE be free. 

So, in the doing, let us choose.  NOW.  But first. WE have to save ourselves. 


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